The first Star Wars RPG ever

(I spammed every social network with this cross-nerd joke. So why not here? :) For the record, this is probably the most popular thing I’ve ever made. It’s interesting to see how different social media react to it though. On cervelle.org


16th century Nyancat

Apparently flying cats predate the internet. Artillery master Franz Helm of Cologne wanted to use black powder rockets to weaponise cats and birds. The NY Daily News article says Helm fought the Turks in Europe. He could have been great friends with Baron Munchausen. Source link: http://ift.tt/1mYZy2Q


Why I hate steampunk

According to this steampunk name generator, I am Captain Cyril Clankingfeather. I know now where my hatred for everything steampunk comes from. Steampunk obviously hates me. (via Nathanaël Terrien on G+. Photo by ChrononautClub on Flickr)


Dragon Boules

As you will see in this short film, boules are serious business to us Frenchmen. The embed doesn’t see to work here – so you can watch it on on cervelle.org or on Vimeo. (via @JP_Ogier)


Adventure Time Lego

I had missed this entirely, but it’s just as well – this way I didn’t have to spam everybody I know until the project reached 10,000 supporters on Cusoo. All we have to do now is bite our nails until we hear from the Lego people. And save up some money in case they greenlight […]


A brand new Brickworlds

So this inspiration attack wasn’t a false alarm as I feared. On Friday afternoon, I produced an entirely new draft with a different, more storygame-y, rules engine. Since then I’ve been tweaking it and I think its fairly playable. In any case, I’ve made the document available for your perusing. As you’ll discover, it’s of […]