I’ve been thinking about easier ways for people to donate to the project. I realise it’s painful to part from your toys (and even harder to take your child’s), putting it in a box and driving all the way to the post office. So I took advantage of this internet fad thing and set up an Amazon wish list. It has a few things I’d like to have to test the game, in a range of prices from 2.35 to 37 sterling.

Granted, Amazon.co.uk are charging a lot for shipping packages to Ireland. If you trust me with getting Lego instead of the latest XBoX shooter, Smyths have a handy voucher ordering service for 10, 20 or 50 euros worth of toys. Feeling generous?

Now, if you’re in Ireland and don’t mind giving 95 cents to Propaganda Corp, The Sun has free Lego promo kits every day of the week. That’s probably the cheapest seat on the beta testers list, short of robbing a six year-old on the street.

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