Donations update

I’ve been thinking about easier ways for people to donate to the project. I realise it’s painful to part from your toys (and even harder to take your child’s), putting it in a box and driving all the way to the post office. So I took advantage of this internet fad thing and set up […]

Design keywords: building and imagination

I’m following a very busy work week with a sleep-deprived weekend, but do not worry, my head is still brick shaped. There might not be a lot happening on this webternetsitelogjournal, or in my notes, but ideas are a-brewing. I’ve been chatting about the game with some friends and getting more stuff from donors and […]

The galaxy of bricky games

In doing research for Brickworlds, I’ve discovered quite a few brick-friendly games. Some are akin to roleplaying games, some are not, but I intend to read them and pillage them for every good idea. The official Lego games are a must. I will use their customisable dice, their inventory system and their handy little monsters […]

Let’s get this party on the road

Not a lot of time to post this weekend with the being away visiting friends and researching serious things. On the bright side, I met the first Brickworlds donor and got back with nine (9!) minifigs, including the world famous Beatnick Poet. I also managed to jot down some notes while everybody else was busy […]

A Lego RPG for you and me

Here we are. I swore years ago I wouldn’t design another game. I barely have time to play, let alone spend night after night compiling playtest feedback. But this strange Lego fever has taken hold of my brain and I can’t stop thinking about it. So here we are. The notes are all over the txt […]