A brand new Brickworlds

So this inspiration attack wasn’t a false alarm as I feared. On Friday afternoon, I produced an entirely new draft with a different, more storygame-y, rules engine. Since then I’ve been tweaking it and I think its fairly playable. In any case, I’ve made the document available for your perusing. As you’ll discover, it’s of […]


Uh oh

Brickworlds isn’t quite dead, people. After months and months of being inspired to do other things games-wise, I just spent twenty minutes of valuable day job time taking these notes. Is it because the fun game of 3:16 of Friday night, or the link to a cool looking Lego RPG (look in the hacks list) […]

Brickworlds Notes


What’s this in your RSS feed? A long overdue update! I’ll keep it short because the time I’m spending writing here I don’t spend designing the bleedin’ game. Diceless. I’m working on a brick-powered resolution engine, inspired by the feedback from Thomas Laborey and Bastien Wauthoz. I have a lot of notes and a rules set […]

Rules changes ahoy!

Our brave heroes fighting the warlock, his minions and what’s left of his brick dragon Oh hai, internetz. Despite the abysmal lack of updates on this here blog, Brickworlds is still alive. The alpha rules have been delivered to the donors in time, and the game has even attracted some interest from the fine folks […]

Blog Not Dead

It’s been almost two months since our first semi-improvised session and by now the game should be almost finished. But due to work sucking up all my creative energy, it isn’t. To be honest, it hardly moved since that time. I don’t feel great about this situation, especially since some of you guys have spent […]

We’re in alpha!

Jax and the rescued merchant on a built plane. In the foreground, some dismantled pirates. There was an impromptu test session today after school. I had no definitive rules, no setting and no scenario, but I had an eager 9 year-old. Also, I really wanted to try some things out. Sean chose the Gladiator minifig with […]

The Hero’s Pocket: hands-on game design

You know the way you want to build things all the time when you have Lego in hand? Well, it’s the same with game designing. Every time I think about a problem to solve, I feel irresistibly drawn towards the brick box and before I know, I’m building things. It’s like it’s my hands are doing the […]